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The Jossers

So a few years ago I lost my mum. It was a horrible time, as it is for everyone. I miss her with a broken heart daily. I haven't quite got over it, weird dreams with imaginary phone calls with her and chance meetings in strange worlds are getting rarer, and I hope they never go away.

The very next day after her funeral I was directing my first short film The Jossers with the wonderful People Show who are my other family. I say direct, but as with all the shows, it's a truly collaborative process and we had a brilliant team of performers, and artists. The film has premiered in Soho, been to Venice and the East End Festival. My mum hopefully would be very proud or angry that she wasn't in it.

But what do we do now? What's the next stage?

Well, firstly tomorrow night I am extremely proud that it is showing at the New Cross and Deptford Film Festival at 7:30 on the 3rd of May. It's local to me and a five-minute walk which is always a highlight. Please come…it's free.

Secondly, the film is now part of Shorts TV regular line up for the next three years. Beamed across the USA and the world, it's a very exciting thing. Look at the link to see if you can see it where you are.

It's a brilliant film that I'm very proud of and I hope to do another one this year.


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