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Home Entertainment.

You know that you've been at home too long when even the dog is growing bored with you. For me, it's not much different from my normal work as I do most of my job from a laptop and on a phone or in front of a camera self-taping or making things. But I do know for others it's much harder.

We filmed a web series called PITCHES that was made in our living room for £7.50 and it won more awards then we imagined it could ever do last year as a good watch if you bored for a moment.

We have also recently just done a short film called THE MESSAGE filmed in our kitchen. Soon we will run out of rooms.

We are starting a live lit salon called "Are you Sitting Comfortably? " (in honour of the live show of the same name we hosted every month at Artsadmin and The Basement in Brighton for ten years between 2008-2018).We'll do all this from our living room starting next week, with stories from the two of us to start with.

We have set up a Patreon account at £3 per month for those who might be able to afford it. The price of an expensive coffee where we live, but this will hopefully give you even more energy than an almond milk frappuccino with sprinkles on top.

No worries if you can't afford it (times are hard, we know it) but if you could subscribe to our youtube channel, like and leave some positive comments, that would be super helpful too.

Thank you as always. We miss you but we have very clean windows. Wierd what you get up to when you can't leave the house.

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