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Film Premier of Last Day

So we are ready to show our amazing film and would love for you to come. Details are below...

You are invited to the premiere of our new short film, People Show 138: Last Day

WHEN: Thursday 26th March 6pm-10pm.

WHERE: Screening Room 1, BFI Stephen Street, 21 Stephen St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1LN

There will be 9 screenings of the film at 6:30pm, 6:50pm, 7:10pm, 7:30pm, 7:50pm, 8.10pm, 8:30pm, 8:50pm and 9:10pm. There will also be a lounge area with drinks and snacks.

RSVP by 19th March and let us know which screening you would like to attend, as there is limited space. Plus ones are welcome, please provide names of all guests -

About the film:

People Show 138: Last Day, follows HR manager Sidney, who after thirty years of working at an industrial sock factory faces a challenging dilemma that could affect the livelihood of his employees. We find him wandering around the now empty workplace haunted by the memories of his past colleagues, friends, and bosses. Throughout his journey he is confronted head on by the horrific consequences of his actions. Will he make the right choice at the end of his last day?

Starring Tyrone Huggins, George Khan and thirty young performers from the University of Roehampton’s Drama, Theatre and Performance department People Show 138: Last Day is a short dreamlike drama about power, loss and loyalty. The film is written by Gareth Brierley and Fiona Creese and directed by Gareth Brierley. Sound Design and Editing are by Rob Kennedy, the Art Director is Jessica Worrall and Jonathan Bloom is the Director of Photography. About People Show: People Show is the UK's longest-running inter-disciplinary performance company. Its radically disruptive influence has made a major contribution to the current theatre landscape. “People Show is a national treasure” The Independent.

Formed in 1966, People Show has been creating devised performances in theatres, telephone boxes, on streets, even on water for five decades. The company is headed up by a group of six artists who together continue to conceive, produce and perform shows without external writers or directors. This is the second film made by People Show in the last 5 years.

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