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As I fill my eyes with countless entertainment from Netflix, Amazon, and everything else with a digital heartbeat. I sometimes get very tangled about how my actions in the real world are influenced by my experience of films and TV. Especially when most of my audio soundtracks I listen to while walking around town consist mainly of TV and Film soundtracks. I started to do these things below in no particular order with music blasting....

1. Staring at any random gravestone while deep in thought. Has to be raining.

2. Holding my finger to my ear and speaking into my sleeve. Words like "I see them" or " They're mine" are uttered every minute or so.

3. Wearing long black coats and swishing them.

3. Start coughing madly. Pull out an antidote from my coat. Inject neck. Breath. Look at watch and run off. Train stations a must for this.

4. Running in the rain without a coat. Has to be heavy rain like syrup.

5. Laugh loudly over five seconds. Then change to tears. Hospital are good for this, dentists if desperate.

6. Saying the line “things change’ while staring out of car windows. Buses can work as well

7. Ordering straight whiskey from a bar, no ice. Tell the barman to "keep them coming". Must have at miniuim around £55 to do this. Please eat a protein heavy food to line your stomach. You will be very ill if not.

8. In a busy high street, suddenly stop and look to the skies. Whisper, loudly "They've found me." Slowly over 15 seconds fall to your knees.

9. Stand in the middle of a roundabout and waves your hands slowly and thoughtfully like a magician. It will look like your moving the traffic. Cover your face in water to look like your sweating...don't go in rush hour because it won't look good in a traffic jam.

10. Jump out of any type of shrubbery and ask the nearest person "What year is it?" When they tell you, look crestfallen and jump back in the shrubbery.

So these are my top ten hits. What about yours?

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