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Photo Booths

My lovely sister Samantha and me in a Photo Booth in the 70's. I really miss going into Photo Booths, with the choice of colourful background curtains and smell of burnt plastic. There was always something magical and very frightening about sitting in a private area in a huge public space, waiting for a light to beep, while trying to compose yourself in the reflection of the dirty mirror. Then you had the long wait outside for the four photos to appear and the disappointment of the result. When they arrive you would have to blow on them lightly so they can dry as you walk home.

When I recently got my new passport photos done at the post office. There was a man in a pullover who took my pictures with a digital camera with a white background. It was like a mixture of a low rent model shoot and a police murder scene. Will I ever go in a Photo Booth again? I like to hope so...but maybe that time has passed.

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