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Award winning film director, actor and writer

Thanks for paying my website a visit. I'm an actor, writer, director, weird theatre maker, games reviewer, dog whisperer, and Hugh Grant lookalike. Have a browse at my wares, scroll down at your leisure and please touch away. Make sure to also fondle the Blog and Current events tabs at the top. I'm not very fussy.

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Getting away with it.

I’ve worked as an actor for hire for companies such as the RSC, PEOPLE SHOW, THE REALLY USEFUL COMPANY, MANCHESTER ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONE TWIN, STANS CAFÉ, THEATRE RITES, FORCED ENTERTAINMENT and STATIONHOUSE OPERA. I have performed around the country in rep, arts centres and pubs, as well as in places such as India, South America, Canada, Romania, USA, Germany and Basingstoke.

Been directed by Greg Hersov, Josette Bushell-Mingo, Anthony Neilson and Mark Long.

I've  done little bits of TV and FILM  and sold everything from HONDA to EMIRATES around the globe in TV Adverts.

Most recently I have been in the wonderful short film Stanley Pickle, which has won over 30 awards around the world for the very talented Vicky Mather. In 2018 I played a tailor in the wierd and wonderful TV series  I DOG on Amazon Prime. In 2022 I am in the new BBC drama MARRIAGE and the new Netflix Series THE DIPLOMAT. ​And of course I'm in the award winning PITCHES (See upcoming events) in 2019. The award winning THE MESSAGE 2020 and DEREK AND DAISY DO 2020, and SELF DRIVING CARS 2021. 

Here is my brilliant agent Sam Boyd at CAM with all my details

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While working in devised theatre and making my own work, I have written in full and part, over 60 shows .Since 2008 I started writing my own work for others to perform. The play wot I wrote “NICE PEOPLE” has enjoyed some success: it won the Brighton Festival Angel Award 2008 for Artistic Excellence. It also gained an Edinburgh Fringe First Nomination 2008, and came in the Top 5 Shortlist for the Carol Tambor (New York) "Best of Edinburgh" Award. Nice People was broadcast on SKY ARTS from 2010 for two years.

In 2012 I co-wrote “4 Minute Mile' for Oxford Playhouse. A play about Roger Bannister and performed on the actual track where the mile record was broken.

With my Company WHITE RABBIT I have set up a night called “Are You Sitting Comfortably” in London. Started  in 2008 it has showcased over 600 writers doing short stories and has been performed at the National Theatre, Thames Festival and the recent Jubilee celebrations. We have had a album of Short stories published called "ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY VOL 1". I have a number of short stories published in US magazines and a short story anthology called The Organiser by Pigeonhole.

I have co-written with Bernadette Russell three plays 366 DAYS OF KINDNESS and HOW TO BE A HERO which were directed by Tessa Walker at Birmingham Rep. Our most recent play EVELYN ROOTS was performed July 2018 by Teatro Vivo and is now in audio form here Evelyn Roots.

In 2019 we made a web series called  PITCHES It's a 6 part show about a poor screenwriter trying to pitch his ideas. It's won a whole host of awards in this country and abroad. Look in the Current events pages to see more. THE MESSAGE and DEREK AND DAISY DO made in 2020 have also won a few awards as well. 

In 2020 I have co written and directed short film called LAST DAY with People Show. It's on the festival circuit where is has won over thirty awards included Best Screenplay and Best Director for me. More information can be found here Last Day

In 2021 I made the wrote, performed and director the short film SELF DRIVING CARS. Which is here CARS



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I have been devising theatre since graduating from Leicester Poly in 1994. I was very lucky in my final year of my degree to work on three performance projects with Rachel Cappell (DANGEROUS BAGGAGE) . A couple of those shows (HEARTBURN, DEATH DOGS AND DESIRES) were fortunate enough to be launched onto the touring circuit and my strange path into experimental theatre was decided. Since then I have  made over seventy pieces of original live performance that have toured nationally and also in South America, Germany, Romania, USA, France and India. Seventy two percent of all these shows were good. I am always dedicated, some say condemned, to making new original live performance. I have been lucky enough to work with artists such as GARY STEVENS, TIM ETCHELLS,  DAVID GALE and the fantastic ARTS ADMIN. In recent years I have worked a lot with the PEOPLE SHOW (112 to 136)  and I am lucky enough to be part of the artistic steering group with my best friends and with who I now call family. We've won awards, seen some things and lifted a lot of heavy pieces of set. Long may it continue. 


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I have directed a lot of shows in education since 1994. These have ranged from shows on stage to shows in Libraries, Breweries, Battersea Park and this year in the Horiman museum. 

In theatre I have recently directed IN THE BEGINNING at BAC. Also the award winning show MEMOIRS OF A SLUTSKY with the brilliantly talented Zoe Charles.  

In 2016 I directed my first short film THE JOSSERS which is currently on the festival circuit. It was at the East End Festival and River Film festival Italy. It is touring scotland with BFI in feb 2019.


We just finished filming our second short film LAST DAY in 2020 which I directed. It's on the festival circuit and I have picked Best Director for Independent Shorts Awards in LA. Also award for excellence for  in direction from Best Shorts festival in California . The film has now won up to 33 awards. 

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